DrillChem Drilling Solutions is the industry leader in ensuring the stability of your wellbore. By combining our line of proprietary products with proven engineering experience, we are able to help operators reduce the time and costs required to drill oil and gas wells. Let us show you how to remove unnecessary flat lines from your days curve.

The unmatched performance of DrillChem's lost circulation materials (LCM) provides a strategic advantage over conventional LCM products because it can be pumped through the BHA (MWD, LWD, mud motor, etc.) at high concentrations. We can also perform a Blockade high fluid loss squeeze through your BHA, saving at least two trips and avoiding excess nonproductive time (NPT).

DrillChem can also help you with the inhibition of troublesome shales and gumbos with products like Drill-Sergeant and Drill-Lube. We also offer our Drill-Beads and Drill-Beads X lubricants to aid in drilling and casing runs through horizontal and high-angle wells.

Contact DrillChem today for a custom-tailored solution for your well.